Working with young boys of the community, focusing on their soccer skills, character development, and community service. This concept and approach is new to the community.

By providing an outlet for youth SCORM can reduce

  • Rate of youth involved in drinking, stealing, and prostitution
  • Number of adolescent girls having babies at a young age.
  • Rate of unemployed youth and women
  • Percentage of bandits in the community
  • Rate of sex addiction

SCORM Opportunities and Involvement

  • Access to both primary and secondary schools
  • Organize a tournament in Luvungi which had over 3000 people come out
  • Took boys to a large tournament in Uvira where we won and put SCORM on the map in the area
  • Youth serving the seniors of the community

Community Service and Enagagement

  • Teaching on post traumatic stress disorder
  • Road repair, garbage cleanup, maintained park area in the community
  • Stopped young boys from joining the resistance army
  • Netwrok with other NGO’s in the area

Single Moms Joined SCORM

The teenage mom’s of the community approached us and ask about being involved with SCORM. They collected firewood and food and delivered to the seniors of the community. After sometime these girls gave testimony of the impact that serving had on their lives. they were no longer looked down upon and treated badly, the community respects them and accepts them.

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