Sports Community Outreach Ministry

Curently in Luvungi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hope & Healing

Our focus is to give hope to young boys, women and teenage girls who are the victims of the long lasting atrocities committed by rebel groups. Luvingi, in the eastern part of DRC, experienced a mass rape and looting by rebel militants in 2003. About 200 women are reported to have been raped in front of their children and husbands. With many wounded and traumatized. SCORM’s vision is to bring healing that comes through Jesus Christ.

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Investing in Luvungi’s Forgotten Generation


We bring healing and restoration to the marginalized and rejected people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luvungi area in particular.

The focus will be on reaching into the community using sports and activities to engage a Forgotten Generation. Sports have proven to be an effective relational tool. Simply sharing together in sports (either playing or coaching) quickly breaks down barriers and opens the door to establish lasting friendships. God has been placing a vision on my heart to use sports in my home area of Luvungi to build relationships that will open the door for the gospel to be shared.


  • Instill skills and confidence in the next generation
  • Unite the churches and community together, through sports ministry
  • ¬†Close the gender gap by bringing both boys and girls together in sport (not currently done in the DRC). Through sports we have the opportunity to elevate the value placed upon girls and women
  • Bring the community together not only to play and watch sports but to make sports teams that will also go out to serve the community (i.e., assist seniors who can no longer care for themselves)

Sports will be an effective tool to bring hope and healing to the war torn province of South Kivu through the power of Jesus Christ.

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